#NotInMyName #JeSuisCharlie

The world mourns the shootings in France. Muslims are outraged and Christians want to eradicate Muslims.

This is where the consensus of religions stand. Muslims are being judged by the actions of Jihads who call themselves Muslim. The Jihads clearly do things differently than your everyday Muslim.

There are 10 commandments in Christianity and Judiasm whereas there are 5 in Islam:

Shahadah: declaring there is no god except God, and Muhammad is God’s Messenger

Salat: ritual prayer five times a day

Zakat: giving 2.5% of one’s savings to the poor and needy

Sawm: fasting and self-control during the holy month of Ramadan

Hajj: pilgrimage to Mecca at least once in a lifetime if one is able

Just like in Christianity there are a few more rules one tends to bide by, but those are the pillars of Islam. The belief system that makes the religion tick. No violence and no murders.

I cry out to the people to not slaughter any more innocent victims in the name of religion. Be it Muslims or against Muslims. Christians should not judge too strongly though, theirs is a religion with a history of violence.

We need to stand up and create a better tomorrow – together. One without violence.

Muslims – I am so sorry.

Rest in Peace Charlie. France – we mourn with you.




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